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The manitou trap the firebird beneath the cape on Page 8 of A Berry from the Sun. Whether or not they can hold him, is another story. If you’d like to see Cari’s sketch for this page, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. it’s a neat insight into her process.

Reverie Comics will be at AwesomeCon in two weeks! That is coming up scary fast. We’re having members coming from near and far, including Florida and Ontario. This is a great chance to meet a lot of us in person and get some great comics while you do so.

Reverie Comics at AwesomeCon



    Question: are the consumed manitous dead, or can they manifest back if they gather enough aether?


      Excellent question! No one is sure. It sounds like an great topic for a thesis to receive your Doctor in Philosophy Degree from the University of Sherbourg.

    Stampers Saverem

    Oh, NOW I get it!

    It’s about cooperation, rather than going solo, to defeat an enemy.

    I wonder if rather than trapping the firebird and starving it out, if this will instead give rise to volcanoes and earthquakes. :P

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