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Chapter 11 Page 26

October 4th, 2015

Blaise gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar on Chapter 11, Page 26. Defiant Elk is not at all happy that Blaise is digging through his treasure. Wait, books without pictures? What sort of weird treasure is this?

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    Actually, if you follow the link you’ll see that more and more cities are recognizing Indigenous People’s Day, rather than Columbus Day. It is only a matter of time until the change becomes national.

    Christopher Columbus wrote his diaries in Hebrew. My grandfather believed that Columbus was Jewish – as do many historians. My grandfather took pride in this notion – and I am sorry to have to burst that bubble, but pursuit of truth is wisdom, not pursuit of patting ourselves on the back. There must be a better way to celebrate Italians, another better way to celebrate Jews. Celebrating the man heralded by American Indians as the bringer of genocide, their version of Adolf Hitler, as the founder of the Americas, rather than celebrating the people who were already here and who welcomed him, is so disrespectful that no words can describe it. Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day INSTEAD is not politically correct; it is merely NOT RACIST.

    Imagine how Jews would react if the US (or any country really) had a nationally recognized Adolf Hitler Day? We’d NEVER LET THAT FLY. I wish American Indians had as much political clout as we do, but as far as Jews are concerned, where any person suffers injustice, we all suffer it. We should all look forward to the enlightened day when the US announces Indigenous People’s Day as a nationally celebrated holiday replacing Columbus Day!

    Stampers Saverem

    Blaise’ comment of, “With no pictures?”, reminded me of my father so very much that I had to laugh out loud!

    (And this from a college Grad)


    Economy? Why economy? Wouldn’t physics be more useful?


      They may not have such a topic and you are missing the point of the books in the first place. Economy is certainly important if you aim to understand how the colonists think and operate. Which is why he’d have philosophy and history there too.
      All information you want and need if you aim to find a weakness against the growing foreign people that are taking away the land from its senior inhabitants. The way the tribes would usually wage war against the invaders would fail (and probably HAS failed), so instead he is trying to find a new way to do it by studying what the enemy writes about itself. If you aim to wage a successful war you must first plan it.

      Knowing stuff like conservation of momentum or atomic theory would not do that and aid little in such an effort. So no, physics would not be more useful here.


    How strong need to be someone to keep another guy suspended in the air by his throat?


      Pretty much very and you would have the severe risk of not just choking the person but braking their neck.
      The neck isn’t meant to hold your entire body-weight and does poorly in such a role. It is actually harder to hold someone there than just to lift him. Elk is very impressive here as I’d imagine Blaise isn’t very light, although Elk is a head taller than him. I actually suspect that Defiant Elk may have something more going on in the strength department because of that.


    Nice coat you got there….


    See! Now you can ask Elk himself!

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