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Chapter 11 Page 27

October 6th, 2015

Defiant Elk takes drastic measures to protect┬áthe secrecy of his treasure on Chapter 11 Page 27. This concludes Chapter 11. We’ll pick up here in Chapter 12 The Vault. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

No update on Monday as it’s Columbus Day.



    Pretty sure you meant to say that it’s Indigenous People’s Day!


      It’s a bloody web-comic. Seriously, can we lay off the political correctness, or do you really want Big Brother in EVERY aspect of life ALL THE TIME?

      Also, the US federal holiday is officially “Columbus Day”.


        The official holiday is Columbus Day, but I understand where Spas is coming from. This comic is inspired by the American Indians of the Northeast woodlands and their folklore. I have mixed feelings on this holiday. Columbus Day is often used to celebrate Italian Americans and that is a worthy goal. Also, Columbus’ voyage did mark a turning point of history of the world for good and ill.

        I’ve always been amused by how Stan Freberg approached it back on his radio show in 1961 with both sides discovering each other. Listen for yourself on Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America. The relevant part is around 10:18. The entire show is very funny and the songs are great.


          When my daughter was in middle school, she requested that I dressed her up as an Irish monk for a class debate. It seems that at this time of the year that teacher divided the class into groups to research the travels of various groups of peoples from Europe and Africa across the Atlantic. Each group claimed to be the first to make it to the other side.

          One student from each group dressed up as the explorer and stated the case. In Betsy’s year (as in most year) the class voted for traders from Mali who visited South America. Columbus always came in last, of course.


    So Elk is a magic user, probably not (entirely) human, or possessed?
    Because no matter how much body/arm strength you have, it is physically impossible to hold someone of roughly your weight (or maybe 75%) at arms length – you would simply fall over because the combined center of gravity of both bodies is in front of your feet.
    So he must somehow artificially tethering his feet (esp. the heels) to the ground, or somehow reduce the effective weight of what he’s carrying …


      I went for cinematics with this scene. Also, I couldn’t resist having the cliffhanger be an actual cliff hanger.


    Really, Elk, you ticked off Snow once already. Do you want to turn into a human freeze-pop?

    Stampers Saverem



    “Come on! Laurent only got the pillory when he got caught, and he broke into a museum!”

    [P.S., where do I register so I can leave comments with the same user name and an avatar?]


    Upper arm strength: when you pray the other guy has it^


    Cliff-dangler… cliff-strangler… Oh, right! Cliff-hanger!


    Huh. A literal cliff hanger. Well-played.


    And that’s why he’s called Cliff Hanger.


    “I don’t always end chapters with a cliffhanger, but when I do….”

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