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The Tree of War Page 8

November 9th, 2015

Steph and I are back from Nekocon and with a new page from Kristin Kemper! Our thanks to everyone who stopped by the table at our last convention of the year. We had a wonderful time. I particularly enjoyed being part of the “What’s New, NekoCat?” panel, where I had to summarize recent anime based on only seeing the trailer. The results were predictably silly.

Words… words… words. They have no effect on the sachem of the Kahne’aké on Page 8 of The Peacemaker and the Tree of War. They demand action to prove the weight of the Peacemaker’s words.



    “I’m not giving you the satisfaction of killing me to mark YOUR point! I kill myself to mark MY point, beaches!”

    Reminds me of a scene in “Blazing Saddles.”


    And here I thought it would be wise to not cut down a tree while you are still standing on it. Shows what I know.


    Well, he is about to die.
    Which sucks, because I like him.

      Prc Z

      I think the exact.I’d like to see what becomes of his sacrifice, If they insist on killing a perfectly good soul without actual reason. Either they respect his sacrifice, and reconsider their ways, or think “Oh well one less crazy person to worry about”. In the case of the latter I still hope he’ll survive, albeit with serious injury, and eventually return to that tribe and there will be a happy ending to this vignette story. :)


      Him? what about the poor tree, who is going to die for their sins?

        Prc Z

        The tree’s existence is apparently the root of the world’s conflict. If the suicidal peace maker is in the right and what he says is truth, it might be equivalent to executing a wicked criminal.

        Maybe? :P


    Requesting that last panel as a wallpaper or poster.

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