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Chapter 12 Page 27

March 16th, 2016

You all were right. The connection to the shadow goes both ways. As Pénélope experiences on Chapter 12, Page 27. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see what happens to the mask.

Only two more pages left in this chapter. The vignette is still in progress so I’m going to skip forward to the first scene in Chapter 13, which is all about Cienan. I’ll come back to the vignette (titled Serpents in the Water and illustrated by Cindy Mirabile) after that first scene.


    Poetically Psychotic

    You know, it retrospect I should have realized sooner that our little maid was not quite human. Is she even dead? Was she ever alive in the first place?


    I bet Jassart did it out of jealousy of Blaise.
    Cienan’s maid brought him tea, after all. (That’s flirting, not a belle! :)


    I’m sad and not surprised at the same time. I was hoping that Jassart would have knocked her unconscious. But if this means Penelope is dead, it certainly doesn’t surprise me, with the way Jassart is. If something is in his way, he’ll get rid of no matter the outcome. Just as he tried to do with Snow.


    First I think she has nothing to do with the mask, but I think she was summoned by Cienan. She was some sort of guardian. I think Jassart is about to find out that the mask just taken and not given freely is about to come with some nasty consequences. Angry Manitou possession coming in 3,2,1 ?


    Definitely some connection to nature here — there’s that odd greenish tint
    in the last panel, and that knife in particular is taking on some tree-ish aspects.


      Oh yes, good eye–perhaps the mask was involved in creating or summoning Penelope to protect itself.

      Anyway, I hope we haven’t seen the last of her. If Snow needs an ally, she would be a good one. If the current owner of the mask gets to command her, be careful, Jassart! She may be a very resentful servant!


    “Sooo, Penelope, welcome back for our little uh, post mortem, shall we call it? It seems that the mask went missing on your watch. Do you mind telling me exactly what happened? And exactly what you expect to do to get it BACK?”


    There. I was totally wrong. She’s pretty darn dead. (And I could still be wrong! That evaporation thing tells me she could be something more than we think) I like that the preview things in the vote incentives are usually open to interpretation and speculation instead of being spoilers. :D

    In any case, maybe she might have been better off attacking him in person. :(


    Oh, man! I liked her. She must return as a major character soon.

    Introverted Chaos

    Penelope, nooooooo!!! *sobs*


    So Jassart will have no idea that it was a real person–and one he’s met, no less–that attacked him, huh? Dang.


    Well, you sure as heck ain’t Batman, Jassart.

    I shouldn’t feel bad for the ruthless assassin maid, but I do. Writing a sympathetic assassin is no easy task, so bravo to Penelope’s creators.


    RIP ninja maid :C
    But yay, more Cienan! really excited to learn more about him :D


    Uhh… whoa x 2. And it looks like she was indeed not quite human. Unless Lorenzo is right and the post-mortem special effects are because of the magic she used.

    Looks like shit is getting real.

    Robert Parry

    Looks like her knife is evaporating too. So maybe she was a manitou of some sort.


    Neck snaps, everybody dies. That’s rather grim. And is her body evaporating? A consequence of dying while using shadow magic, perhaps?

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