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Chapter 12 Page 28

March 21st, 2016

On Chapter 12 Page 28, Jassart continues to find dangerously magical surprises in what was supposed to be a mundane heist. With only one more page of Chapter 12 left, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see what has become of the late Pénélope.

Eric’s away on vacation this week, so I’ll be posting Wednesday’s update in his place! You may also see me in the Comments section as dianalw, moderating/approving comments.



    And why does the owner of this vault have that mask, and how did he get it, and what did he plan to do with it?

    Since I sincerely doubt that he didn’t know exactly what it was, seeing as how it was stored. And since I don’t think he’s just a kind old antiquary.


      I think he was guarding it protecting it, and think the other theory of Jassart having been touched by flames is a valid one, he is scarred by flames, and he has one thing in common with the mask, both were greedy, and is certainly greedy and doesn’t want to play by the rules.



    As much as I wish for him to have a well deserved bad time, if it means damaging or putting Blae and Snow in danger, I’ll dare to say “please don’t”


    And another question: why didn´t the mask activate the last time?


      In the story about the mad manitou, “a berry from the sun”, there is stated, that the mask was taken into the river “so that flames would never touch it again”. Jassart was touched by flames, so maybe that is what’s different now. Or lats time the mask was a fake. I wouldn’t display a potentially world ending artifact in a museum, at least not the real one.


    “Return the Mask. Complete the circle. Release me from this prison!”


    Well I would say you sir have just shot yourself in the foot with the rifle. This should be fun to watch. I hope you get what you deserve all of what you deserve in the end.


    ‘Release Me Human and the Untold Riches in this vault will be yours.’


    Ooo, yes… A triply-warded ancient relic, guarded by magic & might, called the “phoenix heart,” and your plan is “I’ll just go pick it up?” Right. And here we were thinking Jassart was the “brains” of the earlier partnership.

    I find that when characters show an abundance of incompetence, I root for the other team. I keep thinking, “he’s under the tarp, Bigfoot! Throw a boulder on ‘im! Come on, Bigfoot!”

    So, please tell me that the puzzle-locked door relocked itself, and that the Jassart wil have to unlock it again on the way out. This time pursued by an angry phoenix.


      Glad to see I’m not the only one who passionately despises Jassart!

      My guess though, is that he’ll try and do something else REALLY intelligent, like put it on!

      Please, Jassart… put it on, put it on!!! What’s a little possession anyway, you can deal with it!


        You’re definitely not the only one, but in my case it’s because of his choices rather than his incompetence.


      Well … the puzzle on pages DOES re-lock itself every reload …


    The phrase “you’ve been in over your head the entire time.” doesn’t quite cut it, does it?


    Ooooh, the mask has something to say about this whole thing. I wonder what it’ll think of Jassart and the whole affair!

    Falling Star

    And just how was this mask supposed to help Snow-by-Night when she first went to nab it?
    I’m actually rather glad now that Jassart and Blaise stepped in to stop her, else she’d be seriously dead by now.

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