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Chapter 13 Page 10

June 13th, 2016

Defiant Elk speaks with Distant Smoke on Chapter 13, Page 10. Grandma runs this town. She does it through the soft power of advice, relationships, and respect. This style of leadership works well for small communities and is intensely personal. A less capable grandma could spell disaster for the community.

In Chapter 14, we’ll see some of the power dynamics in Sherbourg. Things don’t run as smoothly there. However, its power structure is based on law, tradition, and institutions. A weak leader is not as detrimental to the entire community, as the society has other forms of support. There are always trade offs in governmental structures, and it’s not one-size-fits-all.

You can see Toothy Kit’s reaction to hearing about Grandma’s decision when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Steph and I are attending Denver Comic Con this coming weekend! We’re very excited to head out west from our Northeastern Woodlands to the Wall of the West!



    I’m not sure if I overlooked this back when the page was posted or was just reading too late at night to think properly, but the deep underlying reason to send Toothy Kit would be to protect Defiant Elk.

    That may seem odd, but a Grandma will have seen many young men being young men in her time, and if sending a young man out on a potentially dangerous journey that you want the young man to return from in once piece it’s generally wise to find a way to discourage him from acting like a typical young man when it comes to making risky decisions.

    If it were just himself and an outsider he doesn’t like that much, Defiant Elk might be tempted to get into situations where he though he could get himself out safely (probably, with a bit of luck). If Distant Smoke is thinking of both Defiant Elk’s safety, and the possibility of consequences for the whole village of Snow by Night being upset about Blaise being inadequately looked after, then sending along Toothy Kit is an excellent way to exert some influence in the direction of being safe and sensible. Keeping Toothy Kit safe will require caution and prudence, so by sending her, Defiant Elk gets nudged into using caution and prudence to protect everyone on the journey and the home village. Even himself.


    Why bother? His people are never going to win this thing. In a few centuries, they’ll be bums who drink and are generally violent to each other, and blame the government for every single ill.


    Ok I’m sorry I feel like a creeper but I just have to say it…. Defiant Elk is shuper shexy.


      You don’t need to apologize for your feelings, although I don’t understand why you feel that way. On most internet, you need much worse comments before being recognized as a creeper.


      Yeah, he is rather handsome :D

      @ hkmaly, there are some people out there who frown upon anyone having any feelings for anyone who’s not really real. Those people are usually ignorant, stupid, or have no imagination. Most comics I read, though, have welcoming fans, some of who love the characters so much they wish they were real, and there are plenty of shippers out there too :p


    I just discovered something’s been changed about the website. I was wondering why I haven’t seen an update for two months, and nobody asking about why there were no updates, so I decided to check the navigation arrows instead of the comic itself. Up until , if you put the mouse over the comic it displayed another page if one was available (ie ), and if no page was available, it would show . Starting from …ch13/pg4.php, this no longer works, and all pages of the3 comic point to …story.php. I’ll use the nav buttons from now on, but I was just curious if you had intended the change or if it was just something introduced. I’m going back now to catch up on what I missed :D


      That’s still our standard format, but the links dropped from page 4 and 5, so I’ve fixed them now! All the comic pages should link to the next page of the story, or redirect to the Table of Contents if there are no new pages. Thanks for catching that!


    Sorry Elk, you’ve just got Grandma’d.
    Good luck watching over Kit!


    Several lifetimes if she comes in contact with any of their ancestors.

    Introverted Chaos

    I knew there was a reason I liked Grandmother.




    Heh, that grandma look…she gives your parents/siblings. :)

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