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Chapter 13 Page 11

June 15th, 2016

It’s time for a Toothy Kit Victory Dance on Chapter 13 Page 11! Do you think a younger cousin has a dance ready to go for when she’s proven right? Oh you better believe she does. You can see what Kit is up to next when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Steph and I are off to Denver Comic Con tomorrow. I won’t be back till late on Monday. Diane will be handling the next update. We’ll have books, prints, and also stories. Come by and see us!



    I’m pretty sure the one in the back needs paddle the most.

      The rear paddler in the canoe steers. It’s the more important position and the more veteran paddler usually takes the back seat. Front seat is for power and watching for rocks.


        Yes. In case of canoe for two, weight is also an issue – it’s better if the heavier paddler is on back seat. I guess that’s not as important for bigger canoes, also there is no big weight difference in case of our group, while the difference in experience might be enormous. But it got ME the rear paddler position sooner.

        … I was actually commenting Elk not having the paddle, but he does on next page so I guess it was hidden in his pocket or something (if it would be on bottom of canoe, I don’t think they will be able to get it out without turning the canoe over, based on where Snow is sitting).

          I put Elk’s paddle along the bottom of the canoe. That was where I stored mine when pushing off. Snow weighs next to nothing so she won’t tip the canoe. Besides, she’s a water spirit. That canoe isn’t flipping unless she wants it to. And if she wants it to, then there’s nothing Elk and Blaise can do to stop it.


          … this is taking too long for small nitpick but it got interesting …

          It’s not Snow’s weight I’m worried about. It’s the weight of Elk being in incorrect place while he will be getting the paddle from under the seat Snow is sitting on AND the seat HE will be sitting on at a same time. Wait … do they have seats or are they sitting on bags or on the bottom? Is the paddle UNDER the bags? Or under Snow’s … bottom?

          I’m not sure how you did it with the paddle but I suspect the canoe you was on was not for four people or had different proportions. I’m basing my concerns on how I was unable to get paddle from under me on three person canoe: I needed to ask the front paddler to draw it out on his side (through the hole between middle and front seat) and hand it to me. If I bend forward to get it through that hole myself, I would flip the canoe.

          (To be more constructive: I think it would make more sense if the handle of the paddle would be visible on the last panel of page 12, on top of the bags Elk will be sitting on.)

          But good point about the canoe not flipping unless Snow wants it to. Hey, they may not actually NEED the paddles, with Snow there …

          I think it is reasonable that the paddle is in the canoe, along the side, next to the packs. Regardless, comics take snapshots of action to move the story forward. The important beats are Toothy Kit at the front of the canoe commanding them forward. The next is a montage to show the journey. The placement of the paddle is not crucial to the story. Thank you for the input, but I’m not asking (nor paying) Julie and Steph to make art changes at this point.


        What Myth said. Back when I was a teen, I used to go canoeing down the Meramec River every summer. Whoever’s paddling the bow might do a little bit of fine steering (ie. getting the bow between two rocks so the rest of the canoe will follow), but most of the steering’s done by the paddler on the stern. Most of the time, whenever I was the sternman, all I had to do was just jam my oar into the water on the inside of our turn, and that was enough for a gentle turn. For sharper turns, you start forward-paddling on the outside of the turn, and for even sharper turns than that, you start reverse-paddling on the inside of the turn.

        Aside from accelerating the canoe and watching for obstacles (and warning the sternman if he sees any), the bowman also has another crucial role: Taking his oar and/or one of his feet and pushing the canoe off of whatever rock, log or sandbar the canoe just got stuck on. It’s a good thing that we never actually SANK or capsized a canoe, but getting hung up on obstacles happened more times than I care to admit. -_-


    Isn’t this supposed to be page 12?

    Binge Reader

    It’ssss ADVENTURE TIME! (cues up AT intro)


    What is it going to take for Snow to fall in love with him?


      ‘Some people are worth melting for.’

      time, proximity, shared frustrations and joys, and *the* climax of the narrative?

      I have a hunch that the downside of a chapter that concludes with Snow by Night finding her heart and falling in love, might be the following chapter having a title such as ‘Epilogue’…


    “The river is made of snow melt. As long as we are near it, I will be well.”

    Oh, that doesn’t sound like ominous foreshadowing AT ALL.


    I’m betting that Kit will be useful in some crucial way that will make Elk glad she’s along–no, not–he may admit nothing–ok, in a way that will give her another reason for a victory dance. If the occasion isn’t a somber one.

    Anyway, I love the role that the coat plays in the dance. If the dance weren’t interrupted, I wonder what shape the coat would be in at the end.


    I think I like Toothy Kit more than anybody else. :-)


    I know Snow is technically a heartless spirit, but it wouldn´t hur her to show a bit more appreciation for the man who has lost what little he had and is getting along in this little adventure with a big target painted in his back (for the Law AND Chugan)… all for HER sake.


    Oh joy. We get the obnoxious little brat for the rest of the chapter.


    Kit is just too adorable for words! :)


    haha, in panel 4 Defiant Elk look slike he’s saying “yes yes, can you hurry it up?”


      …and on Panel 5, Elk’s like, “Oh, good, they’re calling us back to the canoe. I thought her victory dance would NEVER end.” :-D

    Introverted Chaos

    I love that Kit keeps doing her victory dance all through the remaining panels. Delightful characterization all around.

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