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Chapter 15 Page 6

May 1st, 2017

Chapter 15, Page 6

May Day! May Day! It’s May Day! And we’re back with a fist full of new pages! I’ve got a lot of news to share. Thank you all for being patient! Today, Defiant Elk meets a contact in Zollhaven. To get a closer look at this new character, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I’m planning a Patreon Campaign that will launch this summer. I have would like to get your input. What sort of patron rewards would you like to see? I’m looking for suggestions from my readers so that I can provide what you’d like to see. Drop any ideas in the comments below!

I’m going to run a Kickstarter for Volume 3 coming very soon. I want to send Volume 3 printed in June so that I can have it for the big August conventions. I expect to make announcements about this in the coming weeks.

Steph and I are attending Balticon at the end of the month! It’s a great sci-fi, fantasy literary con. If you like those books, you should really attend.



    How can we tell which is the newest almanac entry?

      The only way I know of is to go back through that wordpress journal and see what I posted last. I never dated updates in the Almanac itself.


    Elk. In a sharp suit. ^_^


    The plot thickens…


    If you like: I can help you with Kleefish language: I suspect you aim at something Dutch-German like, maybe even ‘Diets’ (old language not used these days anymore).
    *Tea, please – Thee, graag
    *I know this is where we meet, but this is not a good time. You need to leave town – Ik weet dat we hier altijd afspreken, maar nu is niet het juiste moment. Je moet de stad uit.
    *I’m not here for supplies. I have something far more important. – Ik ben hier niet om zaken. Er is iets veel belangrijkers.

    I don’t know whether you want this or not, just thought it could help.

    Greetings and keep up the good work,

      Very cool! My wife is a German translator and one of the members of Reverie lives in Holland so I’ve been relying on them. Since I need to let Anglophones be able to read this, I’m going to keep with the [words] style for now. That gives me the most freedom.

      However, I really like spicing the language with nods to the underlying language. Like Heer Willem or burgemeesters. If I think that the Anglophones can figure it out in context. I’m always open to suggestions like those.


        On that note, I’ve always liked the bits of residual French (and now Dutch) in this comic. I like being reminded that the story is taking place in another language. I know there are people who don’t enjoy that sort of thing on a principle, but to each their own.

          Oh man, even the architecture is different between the French and the Dutch. The French houses were all built so that the roof line is parallel to the street. The Dutch built their houses with the roof line perpendicular to the street and then decorated the gables.


    Hold on, didn’t this chapter used to be called something else?

      Yes, it did. I decided to change the name during the break. I like this one better. It’s one of the benefits of being a webcomic. I also uploaded revised colors for Chapter 1.


    I will be honest with you i stop reading the comic when the other plot about the red coats militar stuff start and come back when the main plot start back. There just so much text and aport so little to the main plot that its boring.


      That’s cool. Personally I really like the military plot and Eric does a great job, but that’s not everyone’s cuppa.


      agree that the military side-plot feels out of left field and distracts from the story, while being hard to follow. perhaps this will improve with time.

      as to the chapter names, agree that changing them before they’re in print…to whatever the creator likes best…makes sense.

        The war isn’t a side-plot. It’s a major event that has been brewing since the story began. I’ve been hinting at it constantly. The war is going to touch every character in this story. I think of this story like a fugue. The war is a melody that starts small but is becoming every louder as the story goes on. It’s going to intwine and influence the other melodies (Snow’s quest, Blaise’s love, Jassart’s obsession, Vivienne’s ambition, Elk’s fears).

        As Maeverin said, it’s not everyone’s cuppa. If so, I hope to have other melodies in this creation that do speak to you.

          Jim Baerg

          “The war is a melody that starts small but is becoming every louder as the story goes on.”
          Like in Shostakovich Symphony 7 starting about 7 minutes in?

          *laughing* Hopefully not that bad! I was thinking something like Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique: March To The Scaffold.

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