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The Lake Page 6

September 13th, 2017

The Lake Page 6

Looks like the trapper is secretly a Greyjoy, “What is dead may never die.” It just gets worse on the next page. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see!

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    I don’t think she could save the trapper from drowning, she didn’t have a physical form at the time. Her hand went right through his when she reached for him. Snow only has a corporeal form that can physically interact with people and things because of the deal with her father Winter so that she could go on this quest for a heart. And if she is successful in finding her heart, she will lose that physical form and not even be able to manifest in her “ghostly” form for many years. That was a cruel condition of the deal that she doesn’t seem to realize: she may find a heart only to be isolated from the person whom she could love with it until long after he would be dead. To have a heart only to experience heartbreak. Winter does not give gentle lessons.


    Man, that’s cold.

    Get it?


    I’m here all week, folks.

    Kaela Opalheart

    Given the stabbing with no hesitation, I don’t think he’s some mental lingering out of guilt on her end o.O

    Also yeah, this guy drives me batty. He pops up one day all I love you, and she doesn’t return it, and he goes apeshit on her, like she was obliged suddenly to feel the same way back? If he was unable to comprehend her truth in the first place, he never even really loved *her*, I think he was actually more in love with the idea of how special he’d be if a manitou loved him, blech. Granted it’s an entirely believable character to have written, and I don’t hold it against the author at all, in fact I give them kudos for writing such a realistic douche XD But yeah oh my gawd I wanna just strangle that guy XD She didn’t even kill him, he caused his own accident by throwing his irrational tantrum. Sucks that he drowned but he needs to back off blaming her, aaaargh XD


      In another webcomic called “twokinds”, Kathrin was in love with Eric but didn’t tell him, he didn’t clue in, and female audience is often upset with him and on her side.

      In this case, not sure if we know the story fully, perhaps he is mad because she let him drown when she could have saved him, and if roles were reversed you would be upset too if someone stood by and let you drown.


        (In TwoKinds, Kathrin gets all angry with Eric because he doesn’t act like a lover, when she hasn’t told him she loves him, and much of female audience is all “Eric is such a jerk”)


        I think this is a false equivalence:
        Snow isn’t human, and can’t be held to human standards when it comes to save a life. I’m sure he wasn’t the only one to drown across the years, and that other accidents fishers may have had were much more heartbreaking (leaving orphans and such and whatnots)…. And remember who is her father – no savior, but a necessary evil, as part of the global natural cycle.
        Of course, this may sound wrong if the manitous are driven by the beliefs of the humans, their ether created by these beliefs. But as such, it wouldn’t make any lifesaving more mandatory nor thinkable, as the only point to humanize natural threats is to make their harshness much closer to human territorial anger, as much as I can understand animism as an atheist in a almost atheist country.


          Yes, but that is exactly the one point why his accusations are true on some level and sting so much. He might be wrong to call her heartless for not loving him back, but she was heartless in letting him die, he was just another human she didn’t care for. Of course that is her nature as a manitou, especially as a manitou of winter, not to have feelings for mortals and not to care if they live or die, but whether you can blame her for that attitude or not, it is still the very definition of being heartless.


          Not arguing that. The aforementioned reference to a “female reaction” on another comics is therefore invalid.


        Snow did try to save him, but as she was incorporeal, she couldn’t. Though I could easily believe he might not have realised that – it was a hectic moment.

        Anyhow I still think this guy’s just a haunting nightmare created by Snow feeling bad about his death, and the real trapper’s long gone wherever dead people go. Because I just feel that would explain why he’s so angry after so long (the living trapper guy, we only saw react badly immediately after being rejected, which is a very different thing, but if it’s a memory, she’d still remember him the way he was that moment) and also why he’s apparently shapeshifting into this utterly scary figure that seems like exactly the sort of stuff our minds create in nightmares…

      Yeah, he was douche. Blaise at least listens to her warnings and doesn’t expect things of her.

        Falling Star

        YES! Blaise is perfect in this regards, possibly because basically his whole life has been him losing the people he loves due to circumstances that weren’t always in his control. He doesn’t have that egotistical veil over his eyes telling him that she should love him just because he loves her. He’s seen the real world, understands the basic nature of what Snow is, and is ready to move on with his life at a moment’s notice. This is an admirable trait to have in his current situation, and makes him that much more deserving of a happy ending with someone that is good for him.

        Can you tell that I really, really like Blaise as a character?


        This has been on my mind since the last chapter. So Blaise is the next to fall in love with Snow. He supports her journey, but in what end? Look at Chapter 21. He wants her to succeed, yes. BUT then he wants her to feel love- his love. Those flames surrounding them are his. He presses them on her until she is consumed in a terrifying scene. She begs and then screams at him to stop, but the flames continue until they consume and break her entirely. She awakens from her experience and then carries around his torch. Such a metaphor!

      Kate from Iowa

      That or it was “oh, she’s gorgeous, I’m in love” with no thought for how she felt or what she thought about it what so ever. Putting the “object” in object of my affection is pretty par for the course for some people.


    Okay, is it me, or is this guy getting creepier?


    ‘Your name is Ash.’ *roasts with torch.

    Kate from Iowa

    Can’t stand guys like this. Hey doofus, she didn’t ask for your attention.


    OK, that guy is getting scary.


    He is trapper. The lone hunter…how is that…blondie maybe or what he wasn’t blonde.blonde. We shall call you, Casper after all you are dead and spirit.


    OK OK, he has no name. I suppose we could call him Euron.

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