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The Lake Page 5

September 11th, 2017

The Lake Page 5

Lies and more lies. The shade of the dead trapper confronts Snow. Snow has a solution to the problem. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see what it is.

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    Unless I’m way off base (sometimes I am…). She is the spirit of that lake. and in this Spirit walk, she for all intents and purposes she IS the lake. For the trapper to be in there with her means that she feels some remorse for his death, and has never let go of it. Hence the whole point of trying to find a heart.

    Or I could be wrong…


    Wait the trapper is still in her lake? Ewww. No wonder she left.


    @sunflower. From everything we have seen so far in this chapter, I believe this is the spirit equivalent of a vision quest. The trapper is a *gate*, rather than the actual trapper we saw in chapter 3. The gate confronts Snow with a blunt truth.; She does not have a heart. Did not have a heart. The gate claims she will *never* have a heart. The form the gate takes is designed to provoke Snow to an emotional response. Can Snow overcome the gate and progress? Or will the gate defeat her?


    Hehe, found a use for Ma-Ti’s ring.


      Countering Doctor Blight’s Hate ring so she can’t help the Eco Villains summon Captain Pollution?

      Ha ha, I kid. :-D


    I feel the trapper’s anger is kind of out of line. His falling in love with Snow doesn’t confer an obligation on her to love him back, only to treat him fairly and honestly. From the brief snippets we’ve seen of their interactions, and the way she relates to Blaise, Snow has never acted in the way we call “heartlessly” (seeing the misfortune of someone you should intervene for, or at least express sympathy about, and instead concentrating on your own interests or convenience).
    Snow never wanted either Blaise or the trapper to fall in love with her and didn’t do anything to encourage them. Nor did she try to leverage their feelings to her advantage (the way Jassart, Mathilde, Vivienne, and even Blaise do).
    Of course, we may not be seeing the actual trapper’s ghost. This may be something like a dream figure personifying Snow’s own budding understanding of emotions and feelings of guilt that she couldn’t respond to either man the way they wanted.

      Falling Star

      This is what I’ve been thinking for a long time. She didn’t have any sort of requirement to love him back just because he loved her. Life ain’t fair sometimes.
      Blaise understands this. He gets that no matter how much he may want it, Snow will probably never love him back. It hurts him, but he accepts it, and instead is doing everything in his power to help her get what she needs.

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