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Chapter 16 Page 17

December 6th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 17

I am you, and you are me, and we are both together. It gets worse. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics and see for yourself.

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    Dark Phoenix!


    He just went full super villan. He’s like on of those ancient villains that will be reborn in modern day. He, is the fire bird.


    Pros: nice new look, never have to worry about anything cold again Ever, someone who is Always around to talk to and actual fire powers.
    Cons: loss of self, loss of girlfriend, everything tastes like ashes and becoming a ‘shoot first’ target.


    Welp, there goes the neighborhood.


    I am the walrus….

    Uh oh.


    Does he take down the closest nobleperson just for practice? Does he take her hostage and go after bigger game? Does he even know what he wants?

    Lucky this here graphic novel is named “Snow-by-Night” and not “Hot Pants-by-Day,” as I’m betting on who will survive based on that.

    C. Mage

    Wow. I didn’t believe it was possible, but there it is, folks, in all its glory…

    …Jaesart managed to become an even bigger JACKHOLE.


      Oh ye of little faith! The shackles of decency, olthough they never had a very good grip on him, have now been completely removed. He is only beginning to explore the limits of his enlightenment!
      Translation: He’s only just begun!


    What was it Jassart said before about the best way to hide any evidence…?

    I’m curious. If a pompous noble burns to a crisp in the spirit world, does it make smoke? Or does it just release it’s full allotment of hot air?



    This is going to end well.


    This looks fucking AWESOME. :´)


    Oh, look. I think this chapter’s death might be Jassart. In mind, if not in body.


    Did anyone else immediately think of this?:


    Something tells me we’re gonna need more than ice and snow to put out this fire…

    Mark Linimon

    Oh yes, this is going to work out *really* well for him.


    See? Lady de Carailles was right! This is what happens when you allow commoners to rise above their station. Next thing you know, he’ll be wanting the vote.


    Clever history fire vs ice !!

    Anonymous Pie

    Are the wings going to be on his legs? ;)


    Because evil is not an excuse for not looking FABULOUS, darlings.

    Somebody Someone

    KILL IT !!! KILL IT WITH FIRE !!! Oh wait…


    Did Jassart’s hair get longer?
    Jassart, you’re becoming an anime. you stop it right now, young man, before we get sparkles and roses cluttering up the place.
    (for reals though, gorgeous page)


    Oh! Look! Jassart is going to a fancy dress party!

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