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Chapter 16 Page 18

December 11th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 18

Vivienne receives some cryptic advice from an even more cryptic voice. I thought these were tunnels not crypts! See a preview of what happens next when you vote for Snow by Night on top Web Comics!

These pages are brought to you in part by our Patreon! My thanks to all my patrons who has stuck with us during Patreon’s bizarre desire to upend a fairly effective and stable business model. Y’all are the best!





    Ya know, usually learning a character’s tragic backstory makes me more sympathetic to him… this guy? Not so much!


    I’m betting that the voice belongs to the Mage who gave the mask to the Idiot in the first place. He’s deep and he doesn’t seem to enjoy mayhem for its own sake. He plays a long game.

    I wonder what spirit guards the land of his origin, and if he is loyal to it–or bound to it the way Jassart is to Talons-That-Seek. He may be a human representative of a spirit that is out to take Talons down, or that wants a piece of this continent, but can’t get it until the indigenous spirits are subdued.


    The whole Patreon fiasco seems to be motivated by the fact what they’ve been doing until now has been technically illegal since they are not registered as a money serving business. Yes, MSBs are a specific kind of business which have to comply with specific regulations and get oversight from certain specific authorities.

    There’s a good article there that explains the facts in more details:

      Very interesting article. I specialize in contracts and intellectual property rather than financial services so this is all new to me. Regulatory fees and legal costs can quickly skyrocket if you’re not careful. Maybe Patreon should have just absorbed the fees instead and kept them all implicit. Like when you buy something at a store, you don’t pay the credit card fee directly, the store does. The store just raises its prices to cover that fee. Patreon could have jacked its percentage to 8% and said it was not paying the fee. Heck, if it could figure out how to make more value added services, they could have gone with 10%.

    Introverted Chaos

    Glad Viv knows to listen to disembodied voices and retreat. But at the same time I’ve been hoping for a while now that someone’ll shoot Jassart. Mildly disappointed that can’t happen now.

    Annnnnd I’m just over here enjoying epic fiery Jassart. ^_^ :D

    Robert A. Woodward

    Like I said on an earlier page, it is too late to shoot Jassart. However, I do recommend running as fast as you can (and hope you encounter reinforcements very soon), because Fire can move real fast.


    I’m glad Viv is heeding advice from an anonymous source, because I’m betting she’ll be integral to Jassart’s defeat further down the road. Also, immolation is not a pretty way to go. :(


    That second panel looks awesome.


    Sometimes even those born full of fire must, like water, adapt to the situation rather than inflict themselves upon it.

      Kate from Iowa

      Well that and realizing there’s a difference between thinking you know everything and actually knowing everything. As much as I dislike Viv, at least she’s aware that she has no real idea what’s going on or what’s actually just happened. Unlike someone else in the scene.


    I’m curious…why the act of Jassart picking up the mask has strengthened Talons? Not sure what the bond between a Spirit Dancer and his manitou truly means and offers each other.

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