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Chapter 16 Page 19

December 13th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 19

The hunt is ON! Run, Viv, run! Talons has a surprise in store for her on the next page. Vote on Top Web Comics to see what it is!

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    “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron of Acton (England, 1834-1902)


    Jassart has the hottest Pokemon, but Blaise has two Pokeballs while Jassart has none.


    Bring her back alive? Why? What use does Jassart still have for Viv?
    Extra-extra-extra hot nookie doesn’t really seem his style… And his joining with the manitou is complete from the look of it, so… why not either ignore her, or outright incinerate her?

      Expert Huntsman

      Aeternus, i am think Jassart have a soft spot for people who loved him at some point, even tough he is a psycho. He needs someone at his side to admire him, make him feel richus and inportant. And he needs a “Belle”. In the past he achieved thise goals with flatery and cunning emotional manipulation. Now he can use… other methods.


      Hard to say what he wants to do with her now, but concluding from how the conversation went, he probably did not initially plan to get rid of her, he wanted them to remain a team, although with himself in charge now rather than under her command. Also, the Manitou implied that Jassart “liked” her and the Manitou has a rather direct insight into Jassart’s thoughts. Maybe Jassart thinks that he can still sway her and make her see that he is right when he holds her captive for now and makes her watch that he indeed controls the Manitou and can help defeat the Morantine. Maybe, if the “like” refers more to lust than to liking her as a person, he may even intend to make her his rape-slave. I wouldn’t put that beyond Mr. Disproportionate Response, he might tell himself that she treated him as her dog, so now he’ll make her his dog. That would be a very dark turn, though, I really hope it is rather the first than the latter intent.


        I don’t think he PLANS to make her his rape-slave, but it might be how his lack-of-planning would end if she doesn’t escape. He might even fool himself he convinced her to see things his way while in reality she would do it to save herself from more fire.

          We’re a PG comic so I don’t think he’s going for rape-slave either. We’ll find out Jassart’s intentions either this chapter or the next!


      I suspect he wants to be able to tell her what to do. Also, she has authority, so if he can tell her what to do, it will be easier to run things through her, rather than taking over control himself.


      All of these are good insights, but let us not negate the possibility that Jassart has the attitude of “it’s over when I say it’s over, not before”.


      you can’t beg burned if you don’t care, and Jessart is the type who’s been burned… REPEATEDLY… him not wanting to let go now, perhaps foolishly, is understandable.


    I feel like the gun’s going to be a nice distraction for her if she tosses it to buy herself some time/distance from Hotwings there.


      His names from this point on will be Hotwings.


      Makes me wonder if for some reason the Crow is going to be lurking around, see the pretty gun, and then square off with “Hotwings” in an epic spirit-bird showdown


        Judging his previous enconter with Paws, I doubt Chugan has the balls to face Talons. Remember it took several of the most powerful manitous of the land to seal Mr Hotwings, and two ended as dinner.


    Who DOESN’T love a good hunt, right?


    As Sturzkampf mentioned, manitous take things very literally.
    “Alive” could mean “with third degree burns on all her body yet still breathing.”


      Even less serious burns which wouldn’t endanger her live would be very painful.


      Then again she’s got all those unnecessary extra components – arms, legs, ears, eyes. I mean, she doesn’t need all of those, does she?

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