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Enduring Earth Page 7

March 5th, 2018

Enduring Earth Page 7

The years pass, the seasons come and go, and Sings-to-Moon watches and waits. Artifacts like the firebird’s mask don’t stay hidden forever. They have a way of being found.

On our next page, we meet another piece of the puzzle. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see who or what that is!

This weekend, I’m heading to Wisconsin for GaryCon! I’m going to be DMingĀ the premiere of my Adventurers’ League event DDAL07-14 “The Fathomless Pits of Ill Intent.” Time to roll some dice and tell great stories! Come join me if you’re in the area or heading to the con.

Steph and I are guests at Ring of Fire conventionĀ in Virginia Beach on March 23-25. We’re going to be hosting panels, signing autographs, and selling books! There’s even some D&D. I might slip over and try to squeeze in some games.


    See, now, that’s the danger with uberpowerful magical trinkets. They don’t like staying hidden. Just ask Bilbo.

    Introverted Chaos

    Knowing that Sings-to-Moon made a deal with Cienan to seal the mask away opens up a lot of interesting implications. My favorite is the implication that Cienan gave Jassart the mask to because he was expendable.


      I agree! My favorite impllcation here though is that Cienan referred to Sings-to-Moon as a friend.

      He actually hasn’t said that of anyone else, and it’s forcing me re-evaluate what I think(thought) of him.

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