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Enduring Earth Page 8

March 7th, 2018

Enduring Earth Page 8

From mask to musket. A curious transformation. See Viv give Sings a side-eye when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. My thanks to K. Lynn of Plume for the art for this page!

I leave for GaryCon tomorrow. My latest Adventurers’ League adventure is premiering there and now I get to run it! Woo hoo!




    “[Cienan’s] spirit was already accounted for.” I wonder if Sings is referring to Cienan’s relationship with Melaithe or with Penelope. I can see arguments for both.


      After a visit to the Almanac, I’m guessing that Cienan’s associated spirit hails from Garthmoor and is a really powerful dude. I’m wagering (carefully chosen term) that the spirit has a long backstory and is somehow involved with the disappearance of the Great Spirit Dama.

      It could actually be a spirit guide for his tribe–the one that is supposed to be AWOL.


        That’s Melaithe, yeah. It certainly would make a large degree of sense if Cienan was providing a service to Melaithe not unlike a spirit dancer would to a manitou. On the other hand, we have Penelope, who is closer in stature to Sings (albeit obviously much less powerful) and relies on Cienan for her connection to the world of men. It would depend on what Sings perceived of Cienan, what Sings asked regarding the subject, and what exactly was divulged in reply.

    Introverted Chaos

    He’s such a slippery S.O.B. Wonderful characterization!


    That feeling when your new ally binds you to a conductor of your enemy’s power…


      That does seem…less than optimal. But it also seems to fit into the same thing that’s happened to Snow. Neither of them is purely one element anymore, they both have at least some connection to Fire.

      That could be a two edged sword. Talons might be able to use it against them, but I’d imagine they can find a way to use it against him as well.


    So, Cienan guided Blaisse to Snow, Jassart to Talons, and Viv to Sings. What’s his game?


      Cienan is also bound to a spirit, probably the one he’s prepping Mathilde for. He may be doing what the spirit requested, rather than manipulating people for his own designs.

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