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Chapter 3 Page 24

January 31st, 2012

And I’m back! My thanks to Brittany and Diane for covering for me while I was away. They did such a good job that I might sit back and let them do more of the journal entries in the future.

I was at Fort Wayne, Indiana since last Wednesday, attending DDXP. In case you don’t know by now, I’m a huge fan of D&D. I’ve played it for years, I’ve written countless adventures, and I even have a few published articles with Wizards of the Coast. The boundless potential of the game intrigues me and I love letting my imagination run amok.¬†Anyway, Wizards is coming out with a new edition of the D&D game. The Wizards staff came to the convention and offered playtests of the new edition. I have to say that I like what I saw. The base mechanics are simple yet flexible. It was fast and fun. And there was so much laughter at the table. Kudos and thanks to Teos Abadia and Greg Bilsland for running my tables.

New page! Chapter 3 Page 24 is up. Blaise makes an offer that he may later regret. And there’s a new vote incentive. To see a preview of Blaise and Jassart’s aside, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. It’s a new month, so all the votes have reset to 0. We have a chance to make a play for the top 25. Thank you for your support as always.



    Finn MacCool

    p.s.: until everything’s fixed, page 24 can be found here:

    Finn MacCool

    uhmm, this URL is currently showing page 23 instead of page 24.


    Jassart to Blaise: “No! For the last time, we are not going to play the Thieves With Hearts of Gold who help the thief who turned to be the Damsel in Distress!”
    Blaise to Jassart: “Sorry Jassart, but we are under a Railroad Plot.


      I hope this is just being silly. Otherwise, I think you’re overlooking a lot of nuance in the story. Also, I’m still introducing characters and putting pieces on the board so the main plot has yet to be revealed. So it’s a bit premature to make categorical classifications.


      Railroad Plot, eh? I think this case is more of a False Assumption. ;)


      Ahem, Dormin. Even if this is another “thieves with heart of gold help damsel in distress” story, that doesn’t automatically make it a bad story. Study literature enough, and you’ll quickly learn that there are no new plots under the sun, and sometimes, the best stories are those that tell an old tale in a new and exciting way–which I happen to believe this particular story is doing rather well, so far!

      Remember, Dormin, Tropes Are Not Bad.


    Ho boy. The looks on their faces (in the incentive) make me nervous…I love those guys!

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