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Chapter 3 Page 27

February 13th, 2012

Chapter 3, Page 27 is up. Snow-by-Night reveals another power to Blaise and Jassart. To see what becomes of her eyes, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Katsucon has announced their table assignments. We’re at table E-04, right across from the featured Guests. Brittany prepared this handy map ┬áto make it easy to find us.



    Gah, I am loving this webcomic more and more! I’m sorry, I would comment more, but it’s hard to slow down since I always want to see the next page!


      We’re up to Chapter 8 now. So a good bit of reading ahead. The entire story is 24 chapters long (assuming my outline holds true).


    Whoa. That is all I can say about that.


    What’s that? A shiny new link to Amya? Yes indeed. Please check out this brilliant high-fantasy graphic novel.

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