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Chapter 6 Page 22

April 30th, 2013

The Seers of Giavere make their solemn procession into the temple and begin the ceremonial restoring of light to the world on Chapter 6 Page 22. The next page has a crowd shot. See all of the hundreds of little people Brittany drew with a vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Kinda similar to the Orthodox Christian Easter service

    Gorgeous work with the crowds and the costumes. This whole sequence is beautiful!


      Brittany and Naty are doing a fantastic job with the temple. They’re bringing it together so nicely.


    I really hope that priestess’s visor is see-through from her side. Otherwise her waving around an open flame with part of her field of vision obstructed could have some unfortunate results.


      Not really. That’s because she’s blind. Seers of Giavere tend to go blind as they rise higher in the service of the Starkindler. I’ll talk about this more in Friday’s almanac entry.

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