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Chapter 6 Page 8

March 10th, 2013

Almanac Reference: Aether Extraction, AlchemyBertrande Grusseau, Claude Amaury, Pyrasday

Bertrande makes her return as Jassart pays her a visit in Chapter 6 Page 8. What is he up to? What is she up to? Nothing good, that’s for sure. Do you think tapping might be this Friday’s Almanac entry? Chances are pretty good. To see a preview of Wednesday’s page (and what Bertrande is doing), please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

We’ll be at Zenkaikon on March 22-24. We’ll be at Table 17 in the Artist Alley. This is our first convention in Eastern Pennsylvania. Come see us if you’re attending.

Art Contest update! Congratulations to those who qualified for our Sweet 16 Round, (1) Minuiko, (2) Shawna Alkira, (3) Melissa Teo, (4) Rein Eire, (5) Amasugiru, (6) Cristina Marin, (7) Jesse Bechtold, (8) Delphina, (9) Laura Hollingsworth, (10) Manou Azumi, (11) Jennifer Zyren Smith, (12) Jose Ortiz, (13) Pchoberry, (14) NausicaaHime, (15) Jennifer Middleton, (16) Li Mei Ren. They are now paired up on the voting page with #1 paired with #16 and so forth. The winners move to our top 8 and qualify for the cash prizes. Voting begins today and ends on Saturday. You can vote on our Art Contest page.

My thanks to Tigershark, Janel, Stefan, and Robin, and Damon for submitting entries. I loved your work. If you’re ever at a convention with us, please come by to say hi. We’d love to meet you in person.



    There has been some confusion about whether this is the final round. This is the Sweet 16 round. The winners move on to the Elite 8 round next week. The winners of that move on to the Final 4. Then the Championship round. However, we have cash prizes starting at the Elite 8 round so if you reach the Elite 8 you get something.


    “Everything gets worse before they get better”. Yeah, yeah. :P

    Congratulations to all the qualifiers! It was definitely a tough field of competition!

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