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Chapter 8 Page 22

March 3rd, 2014

Blaise warns the town of the fire at the alchemists lab on Chapter 8 Page 22. Along the way, he passes Vivienne and Jacqueline. Vivienne is never one to turn down a challenge. To see a preview of what she does next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

We didn’t get quite the same response to the Art Contest as I did last year. I have more prizes to give away than entries so far! So I’m extending the deadline for the Art Contest by a week to midnight on Saturday March 15. If you are considering submitting, please don’t let the alchemy theme get in the way. Alchemy is a broad subject. Any element would qualify. So a bit of fire. Or some dirt. A bit of wind. A pool of water. We also have the different alchemical theories, planets, metals, and more to draw from. Don’t let the theme hold you back from submitting!


    Just had to draw that little bit of fire in the background still- love it.

    Also- Run, dude! ((Can’t they throw snow on it…?))

    Ooo- real snow, not the character, sorry.


    I can’t find a long comment I made on alchemy and Snow by Night’s possible fate on the Almanac comments. Is it gone?

    I did have sketches for the Art Contest, just no time to finish them! I actually got a lot of ideas from your TGT interview when you were talking about what alchemy meant in a broader sense to the theme of the story. After the Sombulus Kickstarter ends tonight (!), I’ll see about fleshing out my own ideas and maybe designin’ you a little contest title card in exchange for all the help you’ve given me.


      You made it all the way through the 90 minutes of that interview? You deserve a cookie! We talked so much that Kurt had to go to the bathroom and I interviewed Brittany in the interim. I’d be honored if you submitted something to the Art Contest. The new deadline is March 15.

        Yup! I love long podcasts/audiobooks because there are very few things I can do while paying attention to them. One of those few things is drawing. So I start one playing, minimize the window, and it acts as a deterrent for stopping to check Facebook/Tumblr. =D


    Typo, panel 3: It’s *a wooden town


      Hmmm. We had caught that. The wrong page version must have been uploaded. Anyway, fixed!

    I’ll admit it was the theme that was keeping me from submitting to the art contest. But I think I’ve got something figured out! You’ll get a submission from me this week :)

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