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Birds of a Feather Page 1

March 25th, 2014

Today we begin the vignette Birds of a Feather. For this vignette, we’re climbing into the WABAC machine and going back in time. Our destination is Sherbourg two years before current events to see Jassart meeting Blaise and Mathilde for the first time. To see who shows up next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

This vignette is illustrated by two very talented artists. Shazzbaa of Runewriters is doing the lines while Steph Stober of Final Arcanum is doing the colors. I love their style. It’s perfect for our flashback to skullduggery and adventure.

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    Oh my gosh, I *thought* I recognized the line style! ^^

    Mathilde’s sweeping the floor?! Things really did change a lot in 2 years. Can’t imagine her doing that now she’s the star of the show.

    Gorgeous, as usual!

    Looks like personalities haven’t strayed too far since then.

    I love the not-looking-for-a-way-to-steal-something vibe coming from Jassart in this. Still early, though.


      He sure is looking for something to steal! A certain innkeeper’s heart, mebbe? Hein? ^_^
      Also, after the last chapter, I no like Jassart no more. Uh-uhn. Him and his douchey hairdo~! I fart in his general direction.

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