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Chapter 9 Page 24

October 12th, 2014

Chugan and Paws-Tread-Lightly continue their confrontation on Chapter 9 Page 24. Weakness is reason enough for Chugan to come to collect what he’s owed. Paws disagrees. To see a preview of Wednesday’s page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I’ll be at Annapolis Comic Con this Sunday. Come by for great comics and a fantastic show.



    What is the design on Paws’ shoulders?


    A thought just crossed my mind in the middle of reading this page…. Is Paws Treads Lightly a crash test doggie in his spare time? Just wondering? ;-)
    (and probably the only one)


    I have to comment, incisors are not very effective in the back of the jaw.


      Huh. That is kinda weird. I’ll talk to Julie about it and see what we can do.


      I think his design reminds me of some totem poles I’ve seen, and so many of them have those incisors in the back like that. But it’s true. He’d have to dislocate his jaw like a snake does in order to get any sort of good grip for puncturing.

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