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Chapter 9 Page 25

October 14th, 2014

Paws-Tread-Lightly shakes Chugan until he explodes on Chapter 9 Page 25. Wait, Chugan does what? I guess he’s his own murder.

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    Ice Raven

    Just wonderfull action and clothing looking forward to the next pages,
    Can hardly wate! {*v*} I. R.


    Nice touch with that one crow- “Will I be back?” XD


    But what is Paws going to want in return for all this help?


      Paws seems to be doing all this for Snow rather than Blaise, so maybe he’ll just put it on her tab.
      I have trouble imagining what favor he might ask for from a snow spirit though–most animals (and I suppose animal-y spirits?) seem to prefer a _lack_ of snow.

        A. Grunden

        Paws is a friend of Snow…and Blaise is doing all he can to help her. Plus, he fed Paws. So maybe this is a freebie? And either way, debts between true friends are never really debts~


    The fragile mortal definitely needs a fire, preferably in the next five minutes before hypothermia really sets in.

    I love this webcomic, the art is superb, and as a franco-canadian, I really love the authenticity and originality of the world (was getting tired of ye olde medieval England à la Tolkien setting)


      Thank you! I’m working with a French Canadian friend to get the comic translated into French. I’m hoping to make that into the basis for a French mirror site.


      And as an American living close to the Canadian border, I’m just eating this up, because I was taught less than nothing about my neighbors–all varieties of you! Since then I’ve picked up what I can, and have a historian friend who unearths (literally and respectfully) truths obscured. So I LOVE it when such fine storytelling meets satisfying artwork and puts thumpingly important history into circulation in addition.

      PS the painting of Blaise lying in the snow that we saw for so many sad weeks is burned into my memory. So beautiful. I don’t know what to call it because cliffhanger is not the right word.


        History–haha–I meant in the details. Um yes, I know it’s fantasy. But for example, I’m a historic costumer, and the combinations of costume details are delightful.


          Thank you for all the kinds words. I love history too. That’s why I set the comic in a period that most people don’t know enough about. The next arc of the story is taking a ton of research to get right. They’re a long time in coming, but they make the stage on 9.26.


    Give that man a rimshot!


    ahhaha (or maybe cawcawcaw) I’m loving the murder pun… :3

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