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Chapter 1 Page 23

April 6th, 2011

Almanac References: Giavere’s Gaze,¬†The Heavens, Providence, Snipping

Page 23 posted. The action moves back to the House of Jacks, where Jassart makes a discovery that he has trouble believing. Will Blaise and Jassart find the elusive thief? Only 5 more pages are left in Chapter 1, so they better hurry.

Speaking of chapters, I’m going to begin posting two pages per week starting with Chapter 2. Comic pages will post every Monday and Wednesday, and I will post a new Almanac entry every Friday.¬†Only one page a week was too slow for me. I have so much I want to share with you all. This update schedule will let me spin the tale twice as fast. My thanks to Brittany and Ricky for stepping up for the additional drawing and coloring.

Finally, I’ve uploaded a new panel from page 24 as an incentive. Please vote for us on Top Web Comics.

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    Another great installment. Great job, Brittany and Ricky, on depicting the park at night. Laurent is a pretty bold and skilled cutpurse to pull that off without notice. That’ll teach those snooty nobles and such to stroll through their uppercrust parks with their purses full of Blessings.

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