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Chapter 1 Page 24

April 12th, 2011

Almanac References: Ald Baillon, Blessings, Riverside District

And Page 24 is up. We get to meet one of my favorite characters: Ald. He’s a gendarme (policeman) who is responsible for keeping the peace in the Riverside District. His name came about when Brittany was designing a custom 404 page. I wanted her to draw a picture of a gritty gendarme ready for action. She produced this great drawing of a bearded man holding a lantern up while scowling. Brit and Amy started calling him “Angry Lantern Dude.” It was only a couple short steps from there to A.L.D. and finally Ald.

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    Really cool page and I love the origin of Ald’s name. It’s always interesting to learn where some of the creative sparks come from.

    Love the way he tells Blaise he wants a bribe! He sounds like my older brother!

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